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The Stonehaven and District Community Council is a group of elected residents that try to represent the views and promote the interests of the local community. Members of the public are welcome to attend and there is plenty of seating provided. The Meetings happen on the second Tuesday of the month (apart from July when the Council takes a summer break) in the Cowie Lounge of the Invercarron Resource Centre on Low Wood Road, Stonehaven and commence at 7.15pm. An Agenda will be published beforehand and all Council Agendas, Minutes and any accompanying documentation can be found in the Minutes, Agendas & Documents area’s of this site.

Documents on this Site are all PDF format (Portable Document Format). Readers are available for Adobe Reader or Fox Reader. Or from the Download Area here.





Busness Meeting to be held at 7.15pm 12th May 2015, Cowie Lounge, Invercarron Resource Centre Stonehaven

1     Welcome, Apologies & Declarations of Interest
2     Approval of the Last Minute.
2.1  Matters Arising from Last Minute. 15Mins
3.    Police Matters. 10Mins
4.    Planning Update -Phil
        LDP Response
        Mains of Cowie Pre-Determination
        Ury Estate Planning Application
        Council Housing
5.    Business Matters
5.1  AC Chief Executive Jim Savage visit on 21st May to CC Forum -Knud
5.2  a) Removal of Painted Arrow Directions in Square Car Park – Lynne
        b) Taxi Rank Locations in Town Centre-Lynne
        c) Carron Street House Update – Christina
5.3  KDP Update -Ian H.5.4  Stonehaven Recreation Grounds –Phil/Knud
5.5  a) Flood Order Update–Daniel C.
b) Carron Terrace Flu Vial Flood Barriers Issue – Phil
5.6  STP update – Ian B.
5.7  Community Magazine & Feein Market –Phil/David H./Knud
6     Correspondence –Alistair Lawrie 5Mins
7     Future Dates -All
8.    AOCB – All

Agenda Meeting Tuesday 2nd June Invercarron Centre 19:00

Business Meeting Tuesday 9th June Invercarron Centre 19:15

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