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The Stonehaven and District Community Council is a group of elected residents that try to represent the views and promote the interests of the local community. Members of the public are welcome to attend and there is plenty of seating provided. The Meetings happen on the second Tuesday of the month (apart from July when the Council takes a summer break) in the Cowie Lounge of the Invercarron Resource Centre on Low Wood Road, Stonehaven and commence at 7.15pm. An Agenda will be published beforehand and all Council Agendas, Minutes and any accompanying documentation can be found in the Minutes, Agendas & Documents area’s of this site.

Documents on this Site are all PDF format (Portable Document Format). Readers are available for Adobe Reader or Fox Reader. Or from the Download Area here.




Agenda for AGM on Tuesday 14th April 2015 at 18:45

in the Invercarron Resource Centre

  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes & Approval of April 2014 AGM
  4. Chairpersons Report
  5. Treasurers Report & Submission of A/cs
  6. Approval of A/cs
  7. Appointment of Auditor for current financial year
  8. A.O.C.B

Download/Print PDF SDCC AGM 2015


Business Meeting to be held at 7.15pm, 14th April 2015

Cowie Lounge, Invercarron Resource Centre Stonehaven

1        Welcome
2        Approval of the Last Minute.
2.1     Matters Arising from Last Minute.
3        Police Matters.
4        Planning Update -Phil Mills-Bishop
4.1     Presentation Dunnottar Castle Visitor Centre -
          Stuart Young MD Dunecht Estatee
5        Business Matters …..
5.1     Harbour Feasibility Report Back – Ian Balgowan/Knud Christensen
5.2     STP Report Back -Ian Balgowan
5.3     Stonehaven Recreation Park – Phil Mills-Bishop
5.4     KDP Update -Ian Hunter
5.5     Flood Alleviation Scheme Representation – Daniel Carnegy
5.6     Market Square Regeneration update – Phil Mils Bishop/David Harper
5.7     Communications Sub-Group update/Fee’n Market = Knud Christensen
6        Correspondence – Alistaiar Lawrie
7        Future Dates
8        AOCB All

Download/Print PDF SDCC Agenda